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Prevent document counterfeiting by adding a layer of QR Code verification
QR Mark is currently in beta and free to use. T&C apply. Learn more.
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Using QR Mark is easy

Follow simple steps to setup and use QR Mark for document verification
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Prevent document tampering by embedding a unique QR Code and a branded verification URL to the original file

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Document recipients can either open the provided URL or scan the QR Code directly using a smartphone. No specific app is required. This will redirect to a secure landing page.

A mobile screen displaying verification details and a link to the original copy, likely after scanning a QR code


The landing page displays a digital copy of the original document and its details—document name, creation date, issuing authority, validity, link to the original document, and more.

Protect original documents from counterfeiting with QR Mark

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Mitigate Risk

QR Mark provides a quick way to prevent document fraud through authenticity verification of crucial documents. This can mitigate business and reputational damage, upholding trust and integrity.

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Build Trust

By enabling easy verification through QR Codes and verification URLs, QR Mark establishes a transparent and trustworthy system—assuring recipients that the information presented is genuine.

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Data Security

QR Mark employs the highest standards of data protection and security to safeguard user information and privacy

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Powered by QR Code technology, QR Mark is easy to setup and allows recipients to quickly verify documents using their smartphones. No app download is required.

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QR Mark works well with PDFs and popular document editors like Microsoft Office and Google Apps

QR Mark is currently in beta and free to use. T&C apply. Learn more.

QR Mark is secure, compatible, and easy-to-use for everybody

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Platform Compatibility

Works seamlessly with popular document editors like Microsoft Office and Google Apps

Works with Add-ons

Add QR Mark directly during document creation with integrated add-ons
Illustration showing multiple add-on options
Illustraion showing upload functionality using a pdf

Upload Documents

Don’t use an editor? Upload a PDF, add QR Mark verification and export the proctected PDF copy

Personalized System

Use your own brand domain in verification URLs and QR Codes to build trust
Illustration showing verification URL to depict personalised system
A QR code superimposed on a shield, possibly indicating secure access or verification through scanning

Top-tier Security  

Enhance security with QR Mark's use of custom domains, creating an impenetrable barrier against replication attempts
QR Mark is currently in beta and free to use. T&C apply. Learn more.

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QR Mark is currently in beta and free to use. T&C apply. Learn more
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