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These Terms of Service govern the access and use of Trycon Technologies Private Limited's services ("Service(s)") by individuals or entities ("You") who purchase the services or create an account with Trycon Technologies (parent company of QR MArk). By using the Service(s), You agree to abide by these Terms and read the privacy policy located at .

1. Your Rights: During the Subscription Term, You have limited, non-exclusive, revocable access to and use of the Service(s) for internal business purposes, subject to the Subscription Plan specified on the website.
2. Your Responsibilities:  Your access and use of the Service(s) are restricted to the usage limits in Your Subscription Plan. You must not engage in prohibited activities like unauthorized sharing, modification, or misuse of the Service(s).
3. Services(s):  The Service(s) may be available for a Trial Period, and any updates or enhancements to the Service(s) are subject to these Terms.
4. Intellectual Property Rights:  Trycon Technologies retains all intellectual property rights to the Service(s), except for the rights to the Service Data provided by You. You grant Trycon Technologies a license to use the Service Data to provide and improve the Service(s).
5. Third-Party ServicesThe Service(s) may integrate with third-party services ( such as Google API Services ), and Your use of such services is subject to their terms and conditions.
6. Charges and PaymentYou will pay Subscription Charges based on Your Subscription Plan. Charges are due upon subscription to the Service(s). Refund policies for specific services are available on Trycon Technologies' support pages.
7. Term, Termination, and SuspensionThe Subscription Term and termination conditions are specified in Your Subscription Plan. Both parties have the right to terminate these Terms for specific reasons.
8. Confidentiality, Data Privacy, and SecurityYou must protect confidential information and comply with data privacy laws. Trycon Technologies processes personal data as a data processor on Your behalf.
9. WarrantiesTrycon Technologies warrants that the Service(s) will perform as described in the documentation. The Service(s) are provided "as is," and Trycon Technologies disclaims other warranties.
10. Limitation of LiabilityTrycon Technologies' liability is limited to a specified amount, and it is not liable for indirect or consequential damages.
11. IndemnificationBoth parties agree to indemnify each other for any claims arising from their respective acts or omissions.
12. MiscellaneousThese Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties and are governed by the laws of India. The parties are independent contractors, and You may not assign these Terms without Trycon Technologies' consent. Force majeure events are exempt from liability.

For more detailed information regarding our Terms of Service, refer to Trycon's Terms of Service.

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