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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to popular questions about QR Code verification and document protection

What is the cost of QR Mark?

During the beta version, QR Mark is entirely free to use. However, charges will be implemented once we transition out of the beta phase.

Does using QR Mark require software development knowledge?

After initial setup of the custom domain (requires configuration in DNS settings), no software development knowledge is required to use QR Mark. You can either opt for Google Docs/Microsoft 365 add-ons or directly upload the PDF version in the application dashboard to add verification images.

We don't use Google Docs or Microsoft 365. Is there a way to still use QR Mark and secure documents?

Yes, it is possible. You can directly upload an original PDF document via QR Mark's application dashboard. Add a verification image (with secure QR Code and verification URL) and export the secure version of your document.

Can someone fake the QR Code added to the document using a different QR Code tool?

Counterfeiters can generate their QR Code and URL, leading users to a counterfeit page/content. However, counterfeiters cannot use your company/brand domain in their URLs. This is why QR Mark makes it mandatory to setup a custom domain for the verification URLs so that end-users (people who scan to verify) can trust the page/content as it is linked to the company's/brand's domain.

Does QR Mark store my important data?

QR Mark does store some of your data, including:

1. Document Name
2. Document Link (public)
3. Email address of document creator
4. Document creation time

If the verification system was created using the Upload feature, then the system stores a copy of the document. But don’t worry, QR Mark employs the highest standards of data protection and security to safeguard user information and privacy. Only authorized people who have access to the original document (thereby having access to the verification image) will be able to view these details and a digital copy of the document.

What if the QR Code used in my document is damaged, or if the scanning user is unable to view my document due to a technical error?

We provide a QR Code as well as a verification URL. If the QR Code is damaged or no longer works, the end-user can easily click the verification URL to verify. If the landing page doesn't load due to a technical issue, user can reach out to the customer relations team for support.

What if I accidentally delete the original document linked with the QR Mark?

Two things can happen, depending on how the verification system was created.

1. Using Upload: In this case, the verification will continue to work as the document is uploaded to QR Mark's database
2. Via Add-on: In this case, the landing page will open (with basic details) but the user will not be able to view the original document as the link will no longer work

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